UniBind Inc.


About Peleman Industries, Inc


UniBind, a Peleman Industries Company,

has a commitment to continuous innovation

as well as a strong global presence which

has established us as an industry leader.



UniBind is a rapidly growing, dynamic, multinational market leader which specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom branding solutions.

Mission Statement

As an innovative company it is our mission to provide customer friendly, premium products and services which contribute to the improvement of communication between people.


Our unique products certainly help enhance and elevate printed solutions for a wide variety of small and medium businesses, government offices, educational institutions as well as large enterprises. UniBind, Inc has it’s headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia, which services most of North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

To be a family company, recognized as the world leader in printed presentations.
To encourage professional development of our employees and business partners.


UniBind is Peleman Industries, Inc product group specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of both document and photo presentation solutions. UniBind produces a revolutionary range of high-quality products due to over 30 years of research, development and worldwide
client feedback.

Our main values are integrity, fairness, loyalty, accountability and respect for all human persons and the environment.


 As part of our commitment to eco-friendly “green manufacturing”, UniBind has undertaken several sustainable initiatives.

Here at UniBind, a division of Peleman Industries, Inc, doing business in a sustainable way is certainly a part of our core values. Finding ways to reduce our ecological footprint is inherent to our business culture. Because of this, we commit to eco-friendly or ‘green’ manufacturing every day.

Wind Energy

In July 2011 we installed two windmills at the Peleman Industries headquarters in Puurs, Belgium. These windmills, which produce 2.3 MW each, were built in partnership with Eneco Energy. This is equivalent of the annual consumption of 3000 households, which saves approximately 2,800 tons of CO2 emissions. Peleman Industries utilizes this local, renewable energy to power both the factory as well as our offices.


Recycling plays an undeniably important role in UniBind’s production process and waste is also processed entirely separately. In fact, UniBind’s hardcover books and almost all cartons used in production are made from 100% recycled material.

Moving Forward

UniBind is also working on a solar panel project. This will allow us to further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Ultimately, our mission is to have our headquarters operate solely by renewable power.


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