Print. Bind. Impress. Customized Presentation covers that speak directly to your customers. From Marketing Firms to Real Estate Agencies, deliver your message with a unique output that will leave a lasting impression.

Binding Systems

Setup your office with our thermal-binding systems. Our binding equipment comes ready-to-use, just plug and turn it on for the most efficient binding in the market. Choose from our various Thermal Binding Machines, and let your message be properly presented while empowering your branding.

Personalized Covers

These “game-changer” covers, come available with your choice of Foil-Stamp or Full- Color applications. Hardcovers or Softcovers made specifically for your market. Create your own design or let our creative team assist you. These cover options will elevate your message and have your customers highly impressed..

Lay-Flat Paper

The ultimate “wow” factor. Our lay-flat paper is the perfect solution for your every day and important printed documents. Our lay-flat solution works with any inkjet or laser printer, combine the elegance of our lay-flat paper with the uniqueness of our cover options and turn reports or presentations into works of art.

Difference you can see

Small details make a huge difference, that’s why we invented V Paper. The lay-flat solution that works with any office or home printer. Enable your office staff to produce and present printed documents that lay-flat. Our paper comes available in 80 gsm and 160 gsm for an elegant and distinguished look while making your everyday prints more efficient and better looking.

Empower your Branding

Your brand, your name, represents more than that, it tells the world who you are. That’s why we are proud to offer you fully customized covers. This unique presentation solution is made with the highest quality to elevate your branding allowing you to present your plans, listings, projects, reports and more, with confidence and impressive differentiation. Simply print and bind in seconds.

Efficient Innovation

Our binding technology allows you to deliver incredible presentations in just seconds. These binding systems come available with different capacities and auto-equipped tools to provide ultimate flexibility. Combine your printed documents with our different cover options and place into the binding channel for the ultimate presentation finishing solution. In seconds you will have a perfect and durable bound document that surely will leave a lasting impression. Find out which system fits your office needs and start creating bound presentations that look like works of art.

Customization that Empowers

We are delighted to manufacture and produce your customized covers. Our more than 30 years of experience gives us the confidence to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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