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From Federal to State, Peleman delivers professional-quality presentation supplies and binding.

Lay-Flat Elegance

Our one-of-a-kind lay-flat paper is the perfect complement for bound documents. Turns ordinary prints into extraordinary printed content. The perfect office supply for printed and bound proposals, contracts, and more.

Binding Done Right

For over 40 years our thermal binding technology has been the game-changer for bound documents. This clean and efficient binding delivers professional results and durability while keeping documents secured.

Professional Covers

From hardcovers to clear flex covers, Peleman offers you a wide range of binding options and finishes for everyday or highly important documents. Presentation is important that’s why we provide professional-quality covers to make any bound document stand out from the rest.

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Peleman Thermal Binders

Thermal Binder 60

Thermal Binder 120

Thermal Binder 8.1

Thermal Binder 8.2

Customization that Matters

Peleman allows you to customize and personalize the way your most important documents are presented. Represent your branch or agency with customized presentation hard and softcovers. These beautiful presentation solutions come available in different spine sizes and lamination options such as Gloss, Matte, or Matte Soft Touch. Make your bound documents stand out from ordinary paperwork with Peleman Personalization Solutions.

Commanding Importance

The Peleman Hardcovers provide elegance and distinction to any bound document. Turn everyday documents into relevant works with these impressive hardcovers. Available in multiple spine sizes to accommodate from 20 to 340 sheets. These hardcovers are surely a great addition to any office that looks to deliver a commanding and impressive presence. The color options available are Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Bordo, Aluminum, Quartz, and White. Also, foil stamping customization is available.

Versatility for Everyday Documents

The Peleman Flex Covers are the ideal solution to bind everyday documents with ease while keeping a high standard when it comes to bound printed content. Perfect for reports, proposals, instructional content, staffing, and more. These quality clear covers come available in different spine sizes to accommodate from 20 sheets to 340 sheets. Also, spine color options are available such as Dark Blue, Black, Bordo, Dark Green, Aluminum, White, or Quartz.