Do more with your photos Enable your customers to celebrate their memories with easy-to-make photo presentation solutions that can be completed in seconds, both behind-the-counter, as well as a shelf offering.

Photo Books

As the world’s leading manufacturer of Photo Books, Peleman with its patented technology, delivers elegant and modern photo books, for easy binding and lasting impression. These photo books can be made in seconds and provide customers with a high-quality product while increasing any lab or retailer profits.

Photo Gifts

From Acrylic Panels to Photo Magnet Frames, these quick and easy-to-make solutions make a great addition as photo offering. These low-labor gifts deliver modern elegance at an attractive price while surely becoming a customer favorite.

Wall Décor

This product extension continues the Peleman promise: fast, easy and profitable. Complete in seconds by peeling off the adhesive cover and applying a photo print on top. Our wall décor collection provides flexibility, allowing customers to share their favorite memories by either hanging these panels on the wall or displaying them in their home or office.

Peleman is the world’s leading innovative manufacturer of photo books, photo gifts and related picture products such as calendars, desktop and wall art, along with magnet frames. These products are sold through major retail chains around the world as well as various independent shops. Additionally, we supply the photo products to the leading newborn baby and cruise ship industry operations as well as, online photo gift suppliers. Peleman is the market reference in photo presentation solutions.


Peleman Photo Books deliver a fast, high-quality binding solution. Because of its innovative and patented steel spine, the binding process can be done in seconds. Our photo books come in a wide range of sizes as well as premium finishes, including linen photo books, leatherette photo books, genuine leather photo books, and a fully customizable panorama photo books. Additionally, we offer Self-Adhesive Photo Books, as well as, Clamp Binding Photo Books. Certainly, these photo books will boost your revenue and sales while offering a premium product that exceeds the market’s demand.


Last year there were more pictures taken than Google searches, meaning people are engaging in celebrating everyday moments while sharing them with their friends and family. Building on this impressive movement, Peleman has created a wide range of photo gifts, easy-to-make, delivering a great output for your customers’ favorite memories. From acrylic panels to magnet frames, to poster/calendar wooden hangers, Peleman brings the perfect photo presentation solutions for both behind the counter and/or shelf offerings.


Achieve new opportunities with our case making and binding systems. The Hard Cover Maker 350 Combo is a must-have for resin binding photo applications. This patented binding solution allows photo retailers and photo labs to offer fully customizable photo solutions. Expand your services while increasing your sales with our versatile case-making and binding system. This innovative technology allows you to create personalized as well as precise photo presentation solutions.  You can deliver a premium finished product in a matter of minutes.
Enable your business to reach new heights while increasing profits, with Peleman’s innovative binding technology and presentation covers. Combined with our professional-grade lay flat paper your print/copy shop will certainly become the point of reference for professionals. Expand your services and deliver the one solution your most demanding customers are looking for.