• UniBinder 60 Entry-Level Thermal Biniding Machine

UniBinder 60


The UniBinder 60 is an entry-level thermal binding machine perfect for either office or home use. Easily create fully bound, custom professional and quality presentations in seconds with only one system. Designed for use with the UniCover Hard, UniCover Flex, Spines and Coversets you can bind documents from 1 up to 60 sheets.


*All page counts are based on #20/75gsm weight paper. Increased paper thickness will yield different results.


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UniBinder 60

Light and compact entry-level thermal binding machine.

The UniBinder 60 is an entry-level thermal binding machine that is perfect for either small to medium size offices. Offices that regularly customize and prepare documents will surely benefit from this system. The Unibinder 60 allows you to create undoubtedly professional, high-quality presentations in seconds using only one system. This entry-level binding machine is intended for covers with steel spines. UniBind offers flexible covers as well as our hardback covers that can be coupled with this machine. Because of the ease of use, you will certainly benefit from this thermal binding system.


How to Use

To begin with our entry-level thermal binding machine you can simply place your documents in a UniBind cover. Make sure to use a cover with a steel spine, then place the document spine-down into the machine. Afterwards, hold it in place for three seconds. This entry-level binding machine can bind documents with up to 60 sheets. As well, your completed documents will have an undoubtedly strong and durable bond.

If you decide later you need to alter your document you can certainly achieve this with our entry-level thermal binding machine.  To that end, simply place your document back on the UniBinder 60 then add or remove pages from your presentation. This machine is optimal for stress-free, quick presentation solutions. This is because it is always ready to use, requires no warm-up time and needs no maintenance.

If you have employees who are regularly creating custom documents for their clients or office presentations and you want them to be able to prepare them independently, this machine will really streamline your efforts.


Features & Benefits

  • Perfect for small office use
  • No warm-up time needed
  • Your work is done in 3 seconds
  • User-friendly
  • Operation is fully automatic
  • Offers a strong, permanent bond
  • Maintenance-free


Suggested Applications

  • Contracts
  • School Applications
  • Manuals
  • Company Presentations
  • Offers

Industries Best For

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 4 × 9 in


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