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UniBind, a division of Peleman Industries, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of resin steel thermal binding systems and thermal binding covers. With over thirty years of research, development, as well as customer feedback, UniBind’s document presentation solutions will surely make your business stand out.

From hardcover books, flexible soft covers to fully customizable Coversets and spines, UniBind certainly has solutions for every business need. When coupled with UniBind’s thermal binding system, you can easily create custom presentations in minutes. UniBind also offers customization services, including full-color book wraps, hot foil stamping as well as window cut options.

Full-Color Hardcover


In today’s digital marketplace, physical presence will surely stand out. Compared to email marketing or digital presentations, physical presentations have longer view times as well as shelf life. Do not let your message go unread or simply cast aside. Deliver high-quality presentations that your clients will certainly go back to time and time again.


Solidify your branding strategy with undeniably beautiful custom printed materials. With either full-color customization, foil-stamped logos to instant customization solutions, UniBind can help you expand your branding solutions.


With a surge of digital marketing strategies, it is without a doubt becoming easier for your message to get lost. Additionally, the rise of malware and also email spoofing, online presence can easily ignored or pushed to the side. Do not allow your message to get lost in a wave of popups as well as banner ads. With UniBind, you can surely deliver custom presentations with ease.


From prospective clients to existing clients, a custom presentation additionally shows dedication and care in your work. Stand out from your competition and deliver undeniably beautiful custom works that showcase your quality while building confidence. When coupled with our presentation solutions, you can easily create referrals due to the way these books stand out.

Vpaper Lay-Flat Paper

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Customers in many industries depend on Unibind for their branding solutions.

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Mega thanks for introducing our firm to UniBind and for all of the information and help you provided us to make it easy to say YES to this great product!

Sandy Hadley, David M. King Associates

We love the simplicity of the UniCover system. Our time is spent more effectively than before. Now, we can bind multiple documents and still answer calls.

Jose Rivera, Self Employed

We are SO happy with our books AND we are so happy with UniBind USA's customer service. Andrea has been the best through this entire process! Praise for Andrea!

Crystal Ignatowski, Surety Solutions, LLC

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