Moments Matter.

When living an impactful moment, people grab their phones and take pictures. But too often, those cherished moments disappear in a multitude of other moments, gradually descending in the collective memories.
At Peleman, we make your memories and experiences tangible. We use digital to go physical, for you to rediscover the joy of holding prints in your hands. Even more so, you can create a lasting memory for your customers.  It’s all about leaving a physical trace, a print that cannot be forgotten.

Our game and claim

At Peleman we make experiences tangible in a trustworthy and joyful way. Moments that matter to you, your family, your customers, your business, should get the attention they deserve. Therefore: create a print that cannot be forgotten. Our range of high-quality solutions helps customers to stand out with their message and reach their goals. Important messages need to be seen, read, and preserved. Only tangible and touching communication builds strong relationships.

Our company values

In 2019 we moved from Unibind to Peleman branding, an identity that is a nod to our core values of a locally anchored family business that acts with respect for tradition and experience. It also underlines our ambition to become a total solution supplier in the world of presentation and photo solutions.

Peleman stands for an anchored family business, respect, tradition, worldwide expertise, and innovation.

Experience the Difference

Since 1979, Peleman has evolved from a manufacturer of binding machines and covers, into a global leader in the fields of professional-quality presentation covers, photo books, and photo gifts, as well as, lay flat paper technology. These trusted offerings have become the preferred choice for a significant number of Fortune 500 companies. Peleman combines innovation with excellence to deliver unique presentation solutions for both corporate and retail segments, becoming synonymous with quality and convenience.