Since 1979, Peleman has evolved from a manufacturer of binding machines and covers, into a global leader in the fields of professional-quality presentation covers, photo books, and photo gifts, as well as, lay flat paper technology. These trusted offerings have become the preferred choice for a significant number of Fortune 500 companies. Peleman combines innovation with excellence to deliver unique presentation solutions for both corporate and retail segments, becoming synonymous with quality and convenience.


Empower your Branding

At Peleman we proudly manufacture convenient, innovative and easy-to-make presentation solutions for your office. These products allow your office staff to create powerful presentations, as well as, other printed material. The combination of our cover options with the elegance of lay-flat paper delivers impactful results, leaving your customers impressed. So join in the transformation of printed documents while empowering your brand. Print, Bind, Impress!

Defy and Innovate

It begins with a simple idea. An idea to foster changes that unlock new values. A determination to find ways to do better than yesterday and create products and services that are pushing the boundaries and set our customers and partners apart from the competition. Because creativity is imagining the future. Innovation is making it happen.

Presentations That Increase Business

The way you represent your products, services and even yourself, is more than just an identity. It is a promise that you make to your customers and partners. We, at Peleman, are committed to helping you to deliver on this promise. And that is why we are devoted to developing innovative presentation solutions that enhance your identity and credibility, unleashing your business’ potential.



Innovation is deeply embedded in our DNA. We, at Peleman Industries, build on the legacy of four decades of experience in manufacturing to create a firm foundation for a successful future.

Green Energy

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We take great pride in using 100% green energy and recycled materials in our manufacturing processes, thereby significantly reducing our ecological footprint.

Quality Solutions

With a steadfast commitment to the highest standards, we aim to provide our customers with the most innovative solutions. Our dedication to continuous improvement allows us to stay ahead of the curve and remain at the forefront of the industry.